Golf Lessons

Designed to give our students the ideal learning environment and to maximize their overall skill set.

NINE Golf is an ideal learning facility designed to improve each facet of your swing. Since inception in 2021, our industry leading instructors have provided thousands of golf lessons in our community alone. In doing so, we have proudly been recognized as the Community Votes Platinum Award Winners for golf instruction. Every. Single. Year.

Learn the importance of information and understanding “The Why”. Our lesson philosophy is to show you why things are happening. Why does a ball spin to the right? Why don’t I get more distance? Why am I not able to hit proper chip shots? We won’t just tell you, we’ll show you! And provide some great practice drills and videos to take with you.
Gain access to how Brandon McLean became a National award recipient, recognized as one of the Top 50 Golf Instructor in all of Canada.

Lesson Rates

Type 30 Minutes 55 Minutes
Adult $53.10 $84.07
Junior $35.40 $66.37

Group Lessons

Group Size 30 Minutes 55 Minutes
2-4 Players $35.40 $53.10
5-12 Players $22.12 $35.40